I Tried Gluten… Bad Idea

So, I grew up always unwell. Middle ear infections, bronchitis, asthma, iron deficiency anemia (to the point of blacking out), colon and stomach issues, tonsils that were taken out then grew again, hernia operations, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis breast reduction at age 13, exploratory laparoscopy resulting in an unexpected find of TB in my appendix which was promptly removed, irritable bowel syndrome that took 11 years to diagnose, four wisdom teeth removed under general anesthetic as they were still deep in my gums and had no space to come out, another two colonoscopies and gastroscopes… iron infusions because my body doesn’t absorb iron… chronic gastritis (inflammation of my stomach lining.)

I realized two years ago that I had not had an arthritic attack! No flare ups for the past two years! I can iron without pain. Hold mugs. I can walk without my toes feeling like they’re on fire. So I thought, “Hey, what if my IBS is also suddenly cured? What if the pain I felt the other day was the gastritis?”

So I had a roll.

A wheat roll.

Nope. I still have IBS. And now I have IBS symptoms too.😂😩😝

I thought it was a good idea at the time!

Don’t tell my surgeon. He won’t be happy! He wanted it silent when I have my next surgery.

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