Pet Peeves

Me: How are the children?

Answer: They are doing SO well at school! Nancy got a gold medal for eating the most pieces of cake in a cake-eating contest.

I truly wanted to know how they are, not what they are doing. That’s a totally different question. I truly care about your child’s physical and emotional HEALTH. Achievements are secondary.

Me: How are you?

Answer: We got the vaccine! We’re all fully vaccinated now. This one drives me absolutely bonkers. Why are so many people answering this way?? I wanted to know how you are doing! Not what you put into your body!

On that note, I’m glad people have stopped sending me pictures of themselves getting jabbed. I don’t send out photos of my iron infusions, blood transfusions, to individuals (My statuses might feature them sometimes, yes. But not to individuals. That way only those who care, will see) Well, except for close friends who express interest and care. And even then, it’s to show the colour of the stuff, or to explain how sore the needle is this time because of where it’s been inserted.

The one thing I WAS guilty of was pictures of my surgical wounds that opened up and got bigger. That was to friends who couldn’t picture it, and kept asking how things were going now. (Total of one person assaulted! The rest, I just gave measurements taken by the wound specialist.

Or months-old painful scars that look awful-as a friend said-that look “like barb wire.”

I showed one woman who asked about my surgeon and it’s so bad that she is re-thinking using him.

Back to your responses that don’t answer my questions- I’m glad these things fulfill you and bring you such happiness. It’s interesting that they are what define -to YOU- the current state of your and your family’s health.

But please, answer the questions asked! I really want to know that Buhle’s allergies have taken a break; that Susie isn’t still depressed about her biological mother’s disinterest; that Noxolo has been better and hasn’t had to take another trip to the Emergency Department. I want to know if you’re stressed or ok. Physically strong, or starting to break down. If you’re having a good day, or if your mom’s death is hitting you hard today.

I want to know HOW you are. Primarily your body, then heart and soul.

I know some parents care about worldly achievements, so you could say, “Bruce is fine. He’s happy because he ate all the cake.” 😛

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