Not Equipped for THIS Student!

Every single person I’ve seen regarding diagnosing my children’s various issues, has rejoiced at hearing that I educate them at home. I keep hearing (and reading in books by adults with their conditions) how homeschool is the ideal situation for my children.

But I don’t know if I’m the ideal TEACHER! Six children on a single salary don’t give us options for there to be any other teacher, but man, I have never felt so useless or scared or worried in my life.

And it’s stuff that shows up outside of a traditional learning context that also hits me in the face and reminds me that we have unique challenges. Like, I told my children this morning that we need to wash the big dishes that are outside that my twins play with with sand or water.

My boy opened the kitchen cupboard door and took out two clean cereal bowls in order to go wash them.

I didn’t know where to begin.

1. The twins never take normal cereal bowls outside.

2. I had said we needed to wash the dishes. The bowls he took were clean and packed away!

3. I had described the dishes, “yellow dish and blue one.” But not even THAT had helped.

This is the kind of stuff I deal with with both of them. I asked them later on to circle “same” animals. My son circled every option. And wanted to circle the already circled control animals too. My girl got half right.

I honestly don’t know. He knows his colours and shapes, so I can’t go THAT far back and teach him the basics. And right now I can’t teach much anyway. But we have stalled. I don’t even know if he understands what “same” means despite the fact I’ve tried to show it and demonstrate it for the last THREE years!

I want to cry. I feel like maybe there’s a magic method and I don’t know it.

Is there??

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