Bedroom School: 2 Tips

I can’t say where I got this tip from as I once saw it in a blog, and also read it jn a Toddler Activity Book I read. But for my one two year old, I use tape to gently stick toy animals onto a page. Her job is to “free” the animal. We then discuss each animal, the kinds it makes, how long the tails is… It’s fun school!

And it doesn’t require much energy.

With my middle two, I decided to try an app yesterday. Animal Math. It was a hit! Both of them could take turns choosing the correct answer and we could do it in bed. It has different age levels and there was enough on the free version to keep us busy. But I think it would be worth the investment to add the extras they have.

Another thing we did was go through one page in the book below. I like that it breaks down simple things a child should know. My son is so eager to “do school,” but his abilities don’t even match those of a pre-schooler. This was a perfect mix of ‘reading’ and discussing. We discussed how we all look different, how our noses are different, put our hands out and compared our skin tones, yet how wonderfully made we ALL are.

So, those are my very short and simple Bedroom School Tips for Little Children.

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