I Thought I’d Marry a Jew

Christ rose on the first day of the week. I keep the seventh day of the week..Sabbath. From sunset Friday to sunset Saturday, we rest. No cooking, no domestic worker, no shopping, no dishes unless absolutely necessary, no school work, no secular music, no secular biographies. It’s all about God and family.

I make it as holy AND as happy as I can for the children. Which isn’t much when I’m not able to do much. I can barely sit, and their ages are so disparate that what is fun for one is just meh for the others. For now what I do (no church at the moment) is download a Sabbath School video designed for children. From Portmore SDA church. Or whatever the church is called. Then because we also ought to remember God as creator, when we can’t go out, I download something on nature for them. A documentary. Then they rest. Those who can read, read. Those who can’t, nap. Obviously, there’s eating interspersed between this and when the morning nap is done, I teach. We do a kiddie’s class. The teens tell us what they studied in the morning but with the way my last born has been acting, I have gotten rid of that last part. She is NOT a sitter. She wants to be up and about and is very vocal about it!

After the smaller ones’ last meal of the day, their dad takes them for an evening drive. Or sometimes they go to the ocean. This becomes my, “NO CHILDREN! NOBODY JAVING WEIRD CONVERSATIONS WITH ME ME!” Time.

Then when the twins sleep, the rest of us have a discussion of a chapter we’d have studied. Currently, we are studying Mind, Character and Personality vol 1. By Ellen White. We each share three things or principles that stuck out to us. Well, we and the teens do. The younger two just come listen.

I was born into a Sabbath-keeping family and I honestly thought I’d marry a white man! I spent my time with White children at school and for some odd reason, never found any church members that were my type when I was in high school. I did not want a man whose culture still sends young boys out to the bush to become men after conscious and painful circumcision, which meant that would have to be a Zulu man. Don’t ask me why I discounted all the other cultures. I guess out of ignorance. I knew for sure that Sotho and Xhosa culture did it. And I did NOT want my son going out there with a sore, tied up penis to starve and dehydrate to prove he is a man. (If he managed to KEEP his penis, given the high number of botched circumcisions we read about.)

So, a Jew it would have to be. There were no Zulu boys I knew in my church. And I loved the orthodox or strict ones (I don’t know what they call themselves!😂) who still have the strings dangling and whose women are modest. I admired them. And I could get behind their modesty and looking beautiful as we walked to shul on Sabbaths. Plus, I was fine with circumcising a baby and giving him pain meds or something to reduce the pain. When I used to eat meat, we ate kosher meats only, so I was ready for that life too.

Unfortunately, I found a non-circumcising Black man when I was 18. And that was the end of my hunt for a Messianic Jew husband.

I wonder what our children would have looked like 😆

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