I Thought We’d Get Land

They promised us that when freedom came, all wrongs would be righted. All stolen land would be returned. And all landless people would get land. (And all the uneducated would get a free education.)

Lofty ideals.

Not practical.

I truly thought that somehow, they’d figure out a way for us to get our land back from the thieves. It has not happened.

I am sick and tired of reading, “My grandfather bought this farm fair and square.” Let’s pretend your grandfather wasn’t a cheating piece of scum who did NOT buy the land. After all, anyone can fake anything. Especially when using a language the original people don’t understand, with rules they don’t understand.

But let’s pretend your grandfather REALLY bought the land. What was the punishment going to be if the Black owner had refused? Ever thought of how your ancestors shot and stole to get what they could not ‘buy?’ Not that what they paid with was equal to what the land is worth but we won’t even go THERE.

If I know know that my neighbour, his wife and his children were killed for his land, of course I’ll cut my losses and flee for my life.

Also, what about the fact that your grandfather could buy land but mine was not ALLOWED to buy land? So they bought land while the original owners were forced off it, then told they couldn’t buy anywhere except for on the awful reserves they were forced to live in.

Is that “fair and square?”

People don’t know their grandfather’s disgusting and despicable acts and want to defend the indefensible.

And so, I thought the government would take away the rich men’s farms and parcel them out evenly and give to those who wanted to farm.

I really thought I’d get land and finally try start life on an equal footing. No debt. I looked forward to life in the country side. I have an ex friend whose mother died and left them all a farm. I won’t lie. Sometimes it’s hard being friends with Afrikaners. Her partner inherited like R8 mill. What they inherit is so different to what we inherit. And yes, I know not all Afrikaners are farmers or rich or have land.

But we know which private owners own MOST of the fertile, unaffordable and beautiful land.

I wish the government had never promised to right the wrongs. Because they didn’t, and they aren’t.

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