In Memoriam

They forget you. I never have. Your tiny bodies, covered in white plaster. Bomb blasts taking your life from you before you’ve barely lived.

They see your brown hue, and complain that you should remain in your countries and fight. How will you fight when you have no weapons? And even if you had a weapon, how would you fight an enemy larger than yourself, better trained than you, with skills you never needed to know because like us, you just wanted to grow up in peace.

They see your dark skin. Your Arabic features, perhaps. Your dark kinky hair… And say they have done enough. But they drive large trucks to the others who look like them. Little baby, did you also not deserve the Pampers that they are taking to the ones who are pale like they are?

They are taking you in all over. But on our continent that they raped and pillaged… On our continent THEY made borders on, it is difficult to flee. And because of the hate THEY taught us against those who lie across a border THEY created, some of us BURN you to death like the Mozambican whose plight was caught and splashed across the world.

They willingly took you to be their slave, little brown skinned boy. But now when you say you are fleeing being killed for your sexual orientation, they refuse to welcome you. The very nations that claim to be the most civilised, the ones that champion those of your sexual orientation, don’t want you. You are too brown now. You weren’t when you were stolen from your land. But today, you are. Today you are too brown.

They are not moved to tears by the few media records of the fear of Syrian fathers, helpless to protect their families. They caused wars in the Middle East and left you to deal with what you did not choose. With what your forebears did not choose. They came because of your oil. Not because of your soul.

I will never forget you. The more they weep for those others who look like them, the more my tears leak for you. For you, the ones who are as dark as me, the ones who are lighter, might even hate ME, but are hated too because you are not light enough -apparently not ‘civilised.’ So say they who bomb innocent civilians and rape innocent women in the countries cursed enough to be invaded by them. So say they whose blind missionaries come here to rape our children in children’s homes.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry they aren’t as moved, aren’t as loving, aren’t as giving.

I give you my heart. My tears. My soul. My own generational trauma passed down through the centuries. My people know what it’s like to be haunted and hated. To be used by the very ones who see no value in us.

In your memory, people who die on dangerous sea crossings, whose boats get sent away IF you make it…

This is for you. Empty (of ability to help you) words. Filled with tears. Helpless to staunch the flow of your blood. Hopeless.

And yes, heartened by those, the very few who never saw hue, but saw need. The ones who welcomed people from Darfur and from Libya. They are guiltless of the emotional trauma caused by your seeing how the others, the pale ones, are being treated and commented on.

We all bleed the same.

We are all innocent.

God will avenge us..ALL.

Rest for now. You will awake to eternal peace. Resurrection day is coming.

May it be soon.

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