I used to wonder if the Holocaust was because of the initial Jews saying Christ’s blood should be on them and their children.

That was a heavy saying. “We don’t care. Kill him, let us and our children bear the guilt of His evil murder.”

But I’ve revised that thought. God hates the death of the wicked, as He says in Ezekiel. He definitely would not enjoy what happened to His children during the Holocaust and would not purposefully as an act of vengeance cause such awful suffering on the innocent children.

And the more the other children would tell Jewish children, “You killed Jesus,” while bullying and persecuting them, the more unlike Jesus those so-called Christians proved themselves to be.

I was also touched -this is an aside-by something Ronnie Kasrils, one of our non-Black freedom fighters thought as a child. He assumed that ONLY Jews cared about the plight of the Black man. Showed me in that community, Jews didn’t believe the lies the Afrikaner population was spreading here, and tried to make life easier for us.

When I was a sickly child, my parents preferred finding Hewish doctors and paediatricians. I assume part of it was that Whites didn’t want to touch Blacks but Jews were him generally willing to heal. I loved my first ever paediatrician. But one day, he wasn’t there. He’d had an accident and fractured his spine. Never again would he practice. That still hurts my heart up to today. His name was Dr. Meirowitz. (Don’t ask me about the spelling. I was young.) I even try Google him, hoping somehow he got a miracle healing and was able to resume his life 😭

Anyway! (Our family GP was also Jewish.)

As I (this week) start telling the children the story of what happened after Joseph’s generation died and a new Pharoah took over, the sheer injustice gets to me. Speaking of evil, or of emotional moments like when Joseph finally revealed himself, weeping and asking if his father was alive, make me tear up as I’m talking. The Jews had done absolutely NOTHING to merit that treatment Pharoah started meting out on them. His accusation that they would side with their enemies and kill them was baseless. Just like the accusation that we Africans would rise up and murder all White people in our country. Thinking evil of innocent people. Causing hardship and suffering of innocent people.

And so it went on. Death. Destruction. Desecration. Dismay. Doom. And so it continues wherever Jews are not welcome.

We have quite a few Jews in our area. On our way to church or when taking walks, we’d spot some walking in their Sabbath clothes looking so beautiful, on their way to worship. Instead of hating what is different to us, how about admiring commitment to religious beliefs that bring PEACE!? How about seeing the beauty in those modest girls and women and dignified men.

Instead of hating, let’s choose love. Love hurts nobody when not spurned. And I’m pretty sure no Jew will begrudge you NOT spitting at them, NOT claiming you are cheating them in business. They will not begrudge you being respectful and letting them live, love, parent as they want.

Pharoah. Hitler. Any person (especially in Britain because that’s where I’ve seen reports of violent anti-semitism) who beats up innocent Jews… Your day is also coming.

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