Daughter: But I don’t need to do Maths.

Me: Why not?

Her: Because I’m not going to get a job. So I don’t need to learn.

Me: And why won’t you get a job!?

Her: Because you said that ADHD people get fired a lot. So, I don’t want a job because I’ll get fired… I’ll just stay home.

Remind me not to educate my family about what research and ADHD adults say when she’s around!


Daughter: Does ‘15 year old sister’ have ADHD?

I thought, “Uh oh. Last time, this became about why they as adoptees are the only ones with “problems” as they called it. What will I say now?“

I replied: No, she doesn’t.

Son: So she’s naughty on PURPOSE!??

That’s what happens when they hear you defend some of their actions that frustrate their older siblings.

And last but not least. My son always refers to ADHD as DDHD.

Me: M, please bring me ‘baby sister’s’ pink bottle.

He comes back with a purple bottle.

I ask: M, is this pink!?

M: No! I think I turned on my DDHD brain by mistake!

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