Flowery Photos

I’m beginning to feel a bit more human, and despite a new IBS flare up (Thankfully mine is IBS-C so I don’t need to worry about where the toilet is), I decided we should make a brief foray back out into nature.

Durbanville Rose Garden isn’t far. Is free. And doesn’t have too much to do so you won’t stay long. Perfect when your internal sutures and your stomach are sore and you’re on a budget. (Dentist wasn’t lying when she said the endodontist is expensive!)

Did you know that I was given six names at birth and that ‘one’ of them is Refiloe-Rose? (‘We’ve been given a rose.’) I got rid of some names when I turned 16 and changed the spelling of my Sotho name to the more modern spelling. But I kept Rose. We had a rose bush in our first home and they’ve always fascinated me.

We arrived, and everybody scattered. Miss Lastborn stood around a bit, then ran a lot, then sat a bit, walked a bit, and then RAN! Just when I was telling the other children that we needed to be going, her panting father phoned me, asking when we’d leave. She certainly made him work. One minute she was hanging round, and the next, she was off at a fast clip! (Back in the day, I once watched Forrest Gump. She reminds me of him!)

Only a 2 year old could force her daddy to wear her pink cap.

Twin B was in her element! She loved it all! It was precious. She did NOT want to leave but when she saw my secret weapon- the camera-boom, all smiles again. She loves the camera. 😝

My girl had a ghoulish interest in the graves

But it did lead to an impromptu discussion on the resurrection.

Nature’s aromatherapy

These had the best scents of all the flowers there… Yes, I smelled every type. Sometimes more than once. I could go there on my own. I can see myself just wondering around sniffing roses all day long. Ok, maybe for two hours. Or one.

I just loved the clouds here as I was capturing Miss Runalot. Just a random photo.

They’re doing well with this place. Upkeep is great. It was peaceful. Only one couple came with a noisy dog but they left quickly…

Again… Free. Small.

And I’m not the only one who enjoyed smelling the roses.❤️ Though she was not impressed that not ALL the roses had sweet scents. I told her to take it up with their Creator. (But to be thankful they are still beautiful to look at.😉)

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