Politically Incorrect

I told my husband about the post I wrote here, wondering why our sufferings have (generally) made us colder, harder, less loving, while the Jews are (generally) more family-oriented, smothering in a good way (stereotypical mother idea I get from TV. No idea if it’s REAL!) and loving. We had quite a few Jews fighting against apartheid even with guns and bombs.

Let’s be real. If we had visibly disabled babies, we killed them at birth. Period. They were a sign of bad luck, a curse from god. Disabled people were locked up and kept away from society. If there’s a function at their home, they’d be locked in a room that nobody would enter, and only allowed out after the event. Frequently, men would abandon their wives and disabled children.

Here, protesting means stoning of buses, looting and burning. We even have a relative in hospital because of the most recent protests.

Black men? Stereotypically emotionally and physically unavailable. Like most men, but ours is at a whole other level. It’s ACCEPTED. We are told that they will cheat on us but we must endure it. Even domestic violence took a while to be viewed as violent.

Now, I know people in Greece and elsewhere also protest with looting and violence. We are not the ONLY ones. But I don’t live there, I live HERE, so I’ll talk about HERE.

My husband’s hypothesis is that the reason Jewish suffering hasn’t made them cruel (Won’t go into the different views on Palestine) is because they have God. He is in their DNA whether they themselves believe in Him or not. He appeared to their Father, Abraham and for centuries, kept calling them back when they strayed.

We didn’t have God in our DNA. We weren’t given commandments on how to love each other “and the stranger that is within thy gates.” We didn’t have Deuteronomy 6, telling us to teach the commands and statutes to our children when we’re lying down, sitting, walking… It was expected by God that they would have strong family ties.

Jews aren’t perfect. And our family ties were broken up by intruders who brought their monetary system, forced us to pay taxes that they didn’t pay, and thereby forced our men to go find that money in faraway mines, stolen farms or cities. We didn’t just break our families up on a whim. But I do find some merit in this hypothesis.

But of course I would.

I’m a Christian. And my God is love.

And again I will say, not all of us are cold-hearted. We are helpful, giving, we rejoice with the rejoicing. But generally, we ARE all the negatives too. I’ve been told by many Black people that I look foreign. Half of those who assumed I’m foreign treated me BADLY because they assumed I was foreign. That’s DEFINITELY not “loving the stranger that is within thy gates.”

And by the same token, not all Jews are loving, family-oriented and non-racist. But the stereotypes exist for a reason.

May we defy them.

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