Have You Ever Cried Over a Puzzle?

My boy is 6 years old. Autistic, signs of FASD, has sensory processing disorder, auditory discrimination disorder, global developmental delay, ADHD…

He’s been trying puzzles for at least two years now. but his puzzle method (even with the simpler knob ones-has been to just take every single piece available and try fit it into the slot. And if it fits, even if it doesn’t actually match/belong, leave it there, leaving some kind of Picasso-type image.

But today, I tried again to talk him through it. Asked him if he really thought the piece fit, if it completed the animal that was already in place. The thing with his disorders is that he has executive functioning disorder too. He doesn’t reason, plan or use logic as well as he could. So I have to be his external brain sometimes.

I didn’t show him where to fit a single puzzle piece. Just asked him to look at the whole and see if it really was looking right each time he put a piece in, whether it belonged or not. I wanted him to learn to check his work. To correct, or to confirm. I did not want him to associate “checking” with him being ‘wrong’ only.

He did it. On his own-with verbal prompts from mom-he did the puzzle.

And when his sister came, she was suitable impressed.❤️”He did it!!”

I won’t lie, before he told me to take a picture , I was crying silently. I’m so proud of each little victory.

It reminded me of this book that I bought. Only when I went back to the page to see if there were any more new books, did I see in the description that it suits autistic children, adoptive families… No wonder it resonated with us.

I cried over a puzzle. Some learning does take time. And as the next page says, and I’m happy when he HAS learnt, no matter how long it took.

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