Natural vs Drugs

I’m a pro-natural remedy person. But I also have common sense. There are way too many conditions and diseases that we aren’t expert on. Or too many issues that we haven’t found the right remedies for,

I’ve seen both sides. A mom who tried natural treatments for her ‘usually easy to cure via Western medicine breast cancer.’ (Yes, it does come back. But stage 1 is the easiest to manage and has less chance of recurrence.) But the cure didn’t work and by the time they figured it out, it had now spread and was terminal. Her doctors were furious with her when she declined treatment. She was furious with herself for leaving her adopted children motherless.

I saw chemo cure my little niece with stage 4 neuroblastoma. All those tumours throughout her little body, all gone. (I was there during the scan. Will never forget the horror as I looked into her mom’s eyes.) But it was horrendous to witness the side effects and feel so helpless. And she might be infertile from the treatments. But it’s been 9 years. It has NOT returned. Thank God!

I’ve also seen my friend with chronic myelogenous leukemia suffer through conventional cancer treatment. Vomiting black. Losing weight. Changing meds. Still vomiting black every day. She asked me to counsel her little boy who was terrified, thinking his mom was dying. (Both my bachelors and Honours degrees are in Counseling Psychology.)

It was so bad that her boss paid R35 000 for CBD oil instead of the drugs. Didn’t work. She went to a natural health place belonging to our church and her cancer levels have been undetectable for 7 years now. She’s been scared to tell the doctors, so each check up, the doctors think it’s the meds that are working.

It can go either way. I’ll never be someone else’s conscience. I tried natural route for my ADHD kiddies. No can do. ADHD is too diverse, manifests in different ways in different people and impacts them differently. I also suppose the insults we know they suffered to their forming brains in uterine from the things their birth moms ingested and the emotions they went through didn’t help and we know they have other issues-other disorders on top of the ADHD. I encourage people to try. But I understand if it doesn’t work. Didn’t work for me!

I’m pro-natural. But I’m also pro-logic and ‘pro-choice.’ Thankful for the friends who are too. ❤️

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