Shhh, don’t tell the kids!

Hiding in my shelf

Tomorrow is my 19th anniversary. Boy was I bright eyed and bushy-tailed on my wedding day! I certainly feel all of those 19 years!

Seeing as we don’t do Christmas or birthday gifts on birthdays, (We focus on thanking God for the gift of life. But each one gets a special cake and they choose a restaurant meal.) I decided that this year we would start something different. I’m a huge lover of gifts! I used to envy class mates whose parents could afford to buy them something special and different.

When we had our firstborn, we were in Kenya. Our Sabbath school class members came after his birth and brought us eggs, sugar, milk, and some woolen outfits. Granted we are vegan so would not eat the eggs, eat brown sugar, not white, and we are not fans of the wooly outfits-they look itchy- that was the sweetest memory ever. I was extremely touched and moved by their love made tangible. I wish I could have expressed how much that meant to me! At that time I was just shocked that they had even made the effort to come to our home. I was overwhelmed by appreciate and didn’t say much except many thank you’d.

So, I love gifts! And though my firstborn himself is not a gift person, I felt like I still wanted to have the ‘magic’ of opening something wrapped specially for me. I therefore buy them a gift randomly and wrap it, a different child at a different time through the year. But this year, I decided to try something different and give the older ones a gift on one specific day, kinda like a Christmas minus the tree..and tinsel.🙂 My younger two don’t yet get the meaning behind unwrapping gifts so we will do it when they are napping.

And so, my husband and I chose our anniversary. After all, if we had not married, they would not exist. So why not celebrate ‘them’ on this day? That’s the plan for tomorrow. I’ve ordered some vegan snacks and cupcakes that will arrive tomorrow morning, and the gifts are wrapped.

Can’t wait!

My eldest daughter was already murmuring about how it’s been many years, focusing on ME as a wife. I hope she’ll like her pink crossbody bag (She loves all things girlie) and I know my son will love his book on gross facts and my middle two who have begged me to buy them monkeys will be happy too.

So shhh, don’t tell them! It’s a surprise!

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