A Bit of Hope and Lots of Cuddles

As you know, my angel doesn’t talk to communicate or to call our attention. You know full well when she’s most likely to talk as I think I blogged about it already.

I downloaded this video for my children to watch yesterday. My teen girl said afterwards that Katie, the daughter of the lady who helped the mom with some hope, is what my girl will be like if she stays as she is. It’s not long, just 29:21 minutes (or so.) The son who has the stereotyped echolalic speech also reminds me of her.

The hope comes from a comment someone wrote about their sibling who didn’t speak at age four yet graduated high school. I’ll be fine with my girl just as she is. As the mom said, there’s so much love for them when they’re special. But man, if time brings more speech and interest in learning besides learning from videos, that will most certainly be welcome too.

Onto the cuddles. The one (and only😩) thing I like about her not sleeping at night is that she is so relaxed in the dark. She leans on me when I’m holding her, resting her head on my body, instead of being upright and rigidly sitting up and ‘away’ from me, or wanting to get down quickly like she does when she’s motioned to be lifted so she can take something.

I get to cuddle her. Hold her, give her kisses on her cheek, stroke her head without her pulling away (Hates her hair being touched do ended up cutting it as we couldn’t comb or even just pat it). I feel her pull my hair (gently) as she is leaning on me. For this mom, those moments are heavenly.

Let’s see what the future holds. For now, I’m dealing with their flu plague that they shared, she’s heavy enough to make my back hurt when I lie back down after being to her, but still small enough to lift and get some cuddles in. For that, I’m thankful. Also thankful for Karvol drops as her skin reacts to the Karvol chest rub. Also, for now if I do the peekaboo thing with my hands, I’m guaranteed to have her respond with singing ‘the wheels on the bus.’ I assume my hand movements remind her of the ‘open and shut’ part. It’s sweet! She looks me in the eye the whole song, doing her little actions❤️

PS. Despite my not being able to eat the cake and cupcakes I bought, (Gluten-free is just so expensive) I had absolute fun watching my children opening their presents. They were so shocked. And my big girl LOVED her bag! “Now I don’t have to ask Big Brother to use HIS knapsack for my wallet when we go to the shop!” Amarissa, my 7 year old, asked why we had treats and upon being asked what she thought of it it, said, “It’s the best day ever! And we’ve been asking and asking for monkeys! I even forgot because we asked long ago!”

It was a success!❤️

Gotta say, I laughed when I told them that I was putting together clothes because someone from Autism Matters RSA had asked for help for five families they want to give food parcels and clothes to. My eldest daughter said, “Of course! Autism..your special interest.”

To which my firstborn motioned to himself, then pointed at his two other autistic siblings as he said, “What do you expect?”❤️☺️

He also could relate to the son in the video who forgets what he’s meant to do. But is grateful that we never yell at him. Given the way I’ve seen parents treat little ones who seem autistic or are just plainly intellectually challenged, I’m glad he won’t have painful memories of being verbally abused.

Yesterday was a good day.

Shhh, I think my girl MIGHT be falling asleep. She’s no longer yelling and screeching🙂

Signing off at 1:19am.

ETA: 1:31am. Nope. She’s talking now and getting louder again😅Essential oils on my list for later today if I’m not too sick. Will try natural first so I can honestly tell the neurologist that nothing else works. I always joke that with all the issues that keep me awake, surgery is my guaranteed few straight hours of sleep-under anesthesia.😝

Yesterday was still a good day!🙂

3:17am. She’s woken her twin so it’s been double duty. (Everyone else is sharing a room, boys in one, girls in another but we’ve kept the twins apart. But her squeals are too loud. 😅)Both are so HAPPY though. Got more cuddles from each, one demanded milk then asked to go straight back into her cot, and my girl even ‘hugged’ me with one arm, actually curling it round to my back! (The other had her bottle of water.) That’s a first! She held me! I’m wondering if her rash isn’t itching her. Gave her her prescribed allergy meds as I’m pretty sure she didn’t have any yesterday-too busy working on the flu remedies. But..got me some cuddles! 😉

3 thoughts on “A Bit of Hope and Lots of Cuddles

  1. So happy for happy moments 💕😍. Love the cuddles for you! I’m so glad about the love you all share and the kids loving the prezzies. I’ll watch the video, thanks :). If you don’t mind me asking, how did you find out your eldest is autistic?

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