Bewitched Children

I recently joined an NPO called MOCWA- Mothers of Children With Autism. It was begun by a mom of a now 18 year old autistic. They aren’t based in our province, so I live their events vicariously, but we also do WhatsApp support too. And with this not being our final home, who said our final home might not be in their province? Shhhh

What endears me to the whole idea is that we are a new type of African. Our culture used to fear, hate, despise the differently abled. Instead of seeking to understand and to embrace, we used to hide the different in the house. If visitors came, they’d be relegated to a different room in the house. They were viewed as cursed, or a curse, or just purely insane. Some cultures even murdered the children or adults.

We are flipping that awful script. We post photos, we share our journeys. Not only to show other parents that we get it, but to say to society that we are not ashamed of our children. To tell society what our children are going through so they can understand them. We don’t want to keep our children in the dark. They deserve to be in the light. (Though if they’re like my Level 1 autistic teen, they might buy themselves Sun glasses to wear out in public because the light hurts them.☺️)

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