Homeschool and Naptime!

Naptime is the only thing that keeps me sane! I get a few minutes to rest my back while the older four watch a documentary. And in the afternoon, I sometimes sneak in an exercise session before teaching my middle girl, Miss A. With my not being ‘allowed’ to do any high intensity exercise, not allowed to do abs, not able to do a very long work out due to my back, I do my morning session, then try sneak another one in the afternoon and then do an evening walk. Not being able to sweat feels like I’m not WORKING out, if you know what I mean. Only about 6km but it’s SOMETHING!

School is crazy. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going! The teens -who are currently doing IGCSE aka O levels-need to be pushed, I can’t spoon feed them or constantly watch them. I feel like we aren’t doing enough. I feel inadequate and scared! We’ve discussed with my firstborn that his autism will impact how he is viewed, and how he performs at work. So we are looking at careers that suit someone like him while we work towards his pilot’s license. He wants to fly as a mission pilot but we will never have the money for that. So he will get a normal job and we will pay half for flight school and he will pay the other half. That way, we’ll be sure he DOES want to do it, and if he can’t manage it, he will have a job to fall back into.

Our girl is set. She wants to become a midwife. Because of the nurse exodus to the coasts of Bonny England, and because my cousin (in law) is a nurse there too, I’d decided to send my girl there to work. Nursing here is grim. If fees weren’t super high, she’d even STUDY overseas. Where they do their practicals…Not food. Sucks your soul out. My initial thoughts about getting my girl out the country were confirmed by two nurses… I took her to a GP a few months ago and she was examined by a nurse. I commented to the young lady (Friendly White nurse) that my girl also wanted to be a nurse, specifically, a midwife. She said she too is a midwife! During the week she works at the private hospital, and on Saturdays, she works at the medical centre where we found her. My immediate thought, “Ok, she’s young, single and STILL needs TWO jobs!? This thing does not pay!” Upon further questioning, she confirmed it. She even told me to definitely send my daughter overseas, and that she herself isn’t going to stay here forever. Then more recently, I went for my Vitality Health Check and was assessed by an older Black nurse. She is in fact getting ready to move to Cambridge! Same story. “South African nurses are underpaid, over worked and under appreciated.” Sad. We need quality nurses… But it solidified the plan. My cousin-who doesn’t even have a spare room-is looking forward to welcoming her one day.

Now the middle two-who are at different levels, though only 6 months apart.We’re doing an easy pre-school curriculum for M and Grade 1 for Miss A. Thankfully the twins have their educational videos and building blocks if not outside. No formal school yet!Which is good because I can’t fit everything in as it is! (Typing while trying to ignore a meltdown and failing…Off I go to check on little Miss…. Nope. Just explosive overboard screaming because she wants to wear her wet boots in the freshly mopped house. She’s like our little guy used to be. He too felt and expressed all his emotions WAY too strongly. So now the whole neighbourhood knows when she wants something that we won’t give her. Someone even came asking what’s wrong, asking if she fell badly. The joys😅)

Speaking of joys, the other ‘joys’ are joyful for real.❤️ I took my middle two to the table at what I thought was an opportune moment. I’d ensured we’d not be disturbed.

I THOUGHT I’d ensured that! My double trouble, double blessing team suddenly came out of nowhere, demanding pencil crayons and taking up space.

I LOVED IT!😭Such precious moments

You know how I’m also Home Occupational Therapist. That session also hit a hiccup. This hiccup was welcome. My poor angel’s core is EXTREMELY weak. She struggles to complete even two leg raises.😭When the twins came in, one smiling and one silent but both also lying down and raising their legs, she gladly got up when one twin’s legs landed on her. I got her back down by telling her to show them how to do it properly. The legs doing all manner of non-OT things were also precious.❤️

This is the kind of problem I love having. Happy twins, laughing older siblings.

By the way. I use naptimes for blogging, sometimes. Hallelujah for them indeed!

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