Copy and Paste

Sharing my Facebook post just as it is.

“The Mother’s Day greeting by Fiorella was shared by a member of Mothers of Children With Autism.

The first line got me already.

Took the children to the Aquarium yesterday. The very one who doesn’t say mama or call anyone or ask for anything using speech, is the reason why “family outings” aren’t the same. One of us is bound to have to go at top speed with her, causing us to split up. If I’m not with my husband, the one who splits up from the children, who misses the wonder they express, is me-mom.

By the time I and the other children were three quarters through the place, we met up in the penguin area where she and her dad had already gone through the Aquarium TWICE😅.

And making her unusual (to others) noises at the top of her voice. Nobody could miss that she’s a very special child.😉

Thankfully, unlike where there are birds running free-World of Birds and farm outings, my OTHER special child was NOT scared.😭🙏🏾

(At the same time, it’s actually FUN zooming away with her. I just wish my chronically ill body wasn’t suffering🙄.)

Thankful to the founder for founding the organisation. None of my friends have such special children so it’s LONELY. One tries all the time to understand and asks about all the children-special and super special. And I’m grateful to Nicki Pringle.

I salute you for who you ladies are not only to your children, but to me-a fellow mom.

The clinical psychologist who diagnosed the above-mentioned little angel asked me who takes care of ME given my life’s burdens -physical and mothering of six children. (She wanted me to hire caregivers and regularly see a therapist.) Most of us autism moms can’t do that whether we have one, or three (plus another special child) like me. These groups are our lifeline.

Here’s to our life as moms. Super special kiddies, or not ❤️”

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