Name and Shame

I once heavily praised a certain surgeon on multiple social media sites, till he and his PA did me dirty.

I then saw an awful review on his wall in February this year by a lady brave enough to show her photos.

I wrote to her privately, we swopped numbers, and she told how when she complained, he expected HER to pay for HIS terrible workmanship. He TRULY messed up.😭

She wrote a review last year, and his lawyers threatened her. Started investigating HER and claiming she’d threatened him… Took her review down. She wrote again to warn other women. They removed it again. Lawyers kept attacking.

This year, she’s not playing. I was contacted by someone on a show that does exposés and they want to do an expose on the surgeon. She’d given them my number.

I sent photos yesterday.

The response, “I’m so sorry this happened to you.” (It’s such a minor part of my health problems that reading that took me aback.
It’s actually BAD! Was a big realisation.)

Would I want to be known?

My husband’s response, “Yes!



Then people will know that’s my wife’s body!!”😂😂🙈

If I do do it, I’ll be anonymous.

I’m still scared though! This is bigger than I thought. (I do know another of his victims. We met in a surgery group in here. She too suffers from pain even today amongst other visible deformities. Surgery was in 2020.)

I’ve been let down by three different surgeons and am having a consultation tomorrow for a FOURTH surgery to fix the same problem I’ve known how to fix since 2020 but hasn’t been fixed because nobody wanted to listen to me and each time I woke up, they’d tell me they didn’t do it.

I hate naming and shaming. But at least this last surgeon will re-operate without his fees, and with reduced hospital fees and is sorry he messed up so I won’t shame nor name him.

But still, I’d paid ALREADY! I’m also hoping this will help fix my back as surgeon one claimed. If not, back to a pain specialist.

As my GP friend once said, “You’re seeing more types of specialists than I’ve even heard about!”

I’m tired. And I might yet have bladder surgery too.


But resolute and feeling STRONG despite being weary.

I’m hoping I don’t have to take part. I’m not as damaged as the other ladies. I’m still scared! But he’s praised so MUCH (even won an award!) that I will for the sake of those who come after us victims.

Anonymously 🙃

3 thoughts on “Name and Shame

    1. It’s BAD sisi. And these doctors are in these groups, so we can’t speak our minds. One lady wrote privately asking if I liked his work. I was scared it was a spy so I just told her that I’d think twice about being operated on by someone who’s only been qualified for a short time. And that hopefully the fact that I’m not returning to him gives her a clue about my thoughts… I got scared I’d also be sued like the very public victim. But hayi no. Most medical aids don’t cover these though we need them. So to waste money… The other victim has dents in her breasts!😭and constant pain.


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