What’s Next??

So, I started feeling a different kind of pain, mostly on my actual gum as opposed to inside my jaw. Dear husband tried to convince me that it’s to be expected given I’d been injected multiple times and had treatment number one for the continued infection.

Except I’d never had that kind of pain before. And it got worse. By Monday, eating rice was painful and when I touched my gum, it felt like I had a cracked or crater. Took a look in the mirror and there it was, slight swelling and a white line at the second infected tooth. (Which had been drained of pus and “white mush” by the endodontist last week.)

I thought, “Please tell me this isn’t infection now up top!” I sent her photos and asked if there’s anything I needed to do, hoping that it was NOT linked to this infection. She told me to use rinse and gel that day and let her know “as the infection 😕looks localised “and see, as she doesn’t want to put me back on antibiotics because she’s worried about my gut. There was no improvement so she told me to continue for a further two days and see. Today, I see…. And I know for sure it’s not really fixed as the ‘crater’ is gone but the white line and the pain aren’t.

Is that the only solution if this rinsing and gel thing hasn’t worked? That would make five rounds of using two antibiotics each time and doing NOTHING but giving me horrible nausea and tummy troubles! This can’t be happening. Seriously?? I have enough chronic issues without a chronic jaw infection!

I feel pain deep in my jaw and moving my mouth a certain way causes pain when my inner cheek rubs against the spot. Yesterday, the children and I could see that my face was visibly swollen on that side.

I don’t know what’s next. But I think I’ll cry if it’s more antibiotics. NO! There must be some other solution. I’ve had an infection since January! Soon, instead of that one first spot we were going to check to see if none had healed, we’ll be checking my entire jaw for bone loss healing. This is crazy. Wondering if I shouldn’t go find a different endodontist and see what they suggest if this doesn’t get cleared up.

What would YOU do?

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