Love Matters More

I’m extremely sure that some of the murders of White farmers are indeed in revenge. A friend whose relatives are farmers knows one farmer who was extremely cruel and hateful towards his workers. But when the workers rebelled and killed him, it became about the alleged genocide being perpetrated by Black people on White people.

As I keep saying. This is the slowest genocide on earth. And the oddest. Looking at our sheer numbers, we’d have killed all the White people in the country ten years ago already. But people don’t want to see that.

Blacks-as a group- don’t want to kill. They just want to live in peace and be treated the way everyone else is treated. With dignity and respect.

So, as I think of all the pain we’ve felt over the years, and I think of the Black people still being murdered in isolated places just because of the colour of their skin, I want to focus on the love.

I saw some photos of mourners at the Buffalo shooting site. It was those non-Blacks who were weeping that undid me. I can’t believe someone would drive that far just to murder innocent people. (But if they can come on ships to do the same, should I be surprised?) Obviously we will weep. We lost many of our own. And it could so easily be one of us next time. But when you have photos of White men weeping at the scene, that does something to me.

We are not on our own as much as we fear we are.

Our lives do matter.

I feel the way my South African people must have felt when the Black sash was formed. White women who could have been ok with the comfortable status quo, standing up at the risk of the bullets used on us being used against them.

Because our lives matter.

We are loved. And love will conquer.

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