Easier Than Expected

Ahh, something positive.

My autistics are generally not good with change. My six year old was difficult when we moved from bottle teat to sippy cup. So difficult that we had to go back to teat. Except the teats were discontinued in South Africa! A foster mom gave us some of her used ones, and my cousin in the UK bought new ones and sent them!

When it was time to move our littlest one to her own room, rather than remaining in our bedroom, her dad moved her while I was in hospital so I wouldn’t be traumatised. But my teens weren’t spared! She cried pitifully for HOURS twice. Once was or longer crying at nap time, and once at night. They were distraught. I’m glad I wasn’t here.

We moved them onto sippy cups. It was fine, actually. But when we realised our girl was biting her type of sippy cup teat, we tried to move her to a hard one.

Nope. Didn’t happen. She’d have become dehydrated if we’d persisted. So instead, I buy new bottles each time she destroys the others’ teats of spouts.

Cue the fear when it was time to move from camp cot to toddler bed. My eldest son was extremely unhappy. He literally didn’t want to. He then stated that we’d better do it when their dad is home, not at work, so he can deal with a crying baby.

We set the bed up, I and the children. Showed both twins before sleep time. Twin A was excited. She loved her new sheet and couldn’t wait! She spent ages loudly talking about the bunnies on her sheet instead of falling asleep.

Twin B… With great trepidation, her door was closed on her.

No tears.

No wailing.

She laughed! I kid you not. Ok, once she cried. But that’s because she climbed out but couldn’t get back in. Which she did again the next sleep time. Which she has not repeated! (Lesson learnt😊) She laughed and laughed. Through the monitor screen, her dad watched her lifting the mattress and trying to stuff things under it.

She did not cry.

She did not mind the change,

She laughed. Played. Laughed.

It was like a little miracle.

Both our twins were happy.

I was too. They were tall for their cots and I felt bad that we hadn’t bought the beds way before…

We were happy and even now, a few weeks later, I’m happy.

I’d really been scared Twin B would be miserable at first. But she wasn’t.

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