I’m OUT! (Gory Photos)


I feared mesh but I didn’t know how bad it would be! This things is SO SORE!!

And at the back of my mind is, “Will it be worth it?”

Here, the surgeon first sewed up each side of my muscle to make it narrower. Again. Second time having done that!

Then here I am with the mesh attached. It’s all over that torso. hey!!?

I’m taking their pain meds religiously but just not getting the same kind of relief I got last time.

And being mommy, guess who got home and stood there marking Physics exam papers? But hey, I was killing two birds with one stone. I need to be mobile to prevent blood clots and besides the pressure socks they gave me, that’s all I have to rely on. Last time they’d given me Clexane injections to administer to myself to help prevent clots. So I’m kinda feeling paranoid. One lady in our group got a clot and two years later she’s still trying to treat it. And I know that’s the better one. It can kill too.

I don’t want to bore strangers with the minutiae involved in trying to recover. Suffice to say, recovering alone where your children are absent is better than coming straight home. (One lady said she had considered going to a B n B for a few days first. I told her to do it! I did it the third time and it helped more. There’s an emotional toll involved in not doing what you should be doing. As my husband said on Saturday, “Hmm, there’s no way I’ll remember to do all the things you do.” There’s an emotional price to pay hearing your child cry and you can’t help.

Anyway! Long story short. I’m home. I survived. I’m scared. Please let this work

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