Age Eight?

What do you do if you recognise signs of a problem before the ‘experts’ think they should have the skill? Ie. What happens when I tell the therapist that we have issues but they sats it’s too early to identify them as nobody her age has that skill, then a year later it turns out you were right? How do you help them in the meantime?

My poor seven year old is giving me grey hairs. She wants to learn but I’m seeing signs of dyscalculia. She can’t count-from 28 gets lost. Forget counting in twos or fives. How do you help a child remember how to count? We can’t make it even to 30. She can’t add or even remember simple maths facts like 2 plus 2. I’m at my wits’ end because the psychologist who diagnosed her with ADHD ignored my worries and told, “She’ll be fine! Just sort out the ADHD and you’ll see, she will have any career. There’s nothing else thats wrong.“

I sometimes feel like I’m fighting every single day. My mind is on my two year old. She hasn’t said mommy or called anyone in months. Not that I mind. But I don’t know what she really understands and what she doesn’t. But she did sign socks and say the word when she was caught playing with them instead of sleeping… Which is hide. She hasn’t signed in months!

I am tired, readers. The GP confirmed my fears. He did a few tests and I’ve started losing strength in my right (dominant!) hand. The only cure is surgery. Are we surprised?

Thankfully, it isn’t proceeding fast so I have time. Which I need because Prof Solomons isn’t covered by my medical aid plan and most of the surgeons that are, don’t operate in hospitals that are! So we’d have to pay a R9100 co-payment. And the one or two who ARE covered, specialise in the knee or some other part of the body.

My children are recovering from their bronchitis. My fractured arm two year old has had her cast removed though I am having visions of her twin also needing bone to heal. We find her climbing things instead of sleeping!

I don’t know. I’m trying to feel like I’m thriving, but with my dear children’s and my struggles, I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. I feel stressed and anxious every moment of every day. When our two year old cries, the whole world knows it. She’ll cry over not being allowed to eat a leaf! Or cry (and scream and shout till she goes hoarse) because she wants to touch thorns. She wants things we cannot give her and her reaction is HUGE. And lasts ages. What has changed is that she’s added spinning to her movement repertoire. Not nice when you’re scared she’ll get dizzy and fall onto hard tiles!

But, like everyone else with struggles, I keep plodding on with a smile on my face. At least I can now “walk like a hurricane” as I walk in and out like a whirlwind. One day it will all come together. Until then, wish me well with teaching how to count!

One thought on “Age Eight?

  1. 💕💕 Wishing you a break to catch your breath and your kids too. So sorry about the costs needed. Smiling with you and all the best. As for the proffessional, I’m worried. I’m starting to feel like your own advice matters more sis.

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