Any Autistics Reading Today?

I have a question regarding my soon to be seven year old son.

Got this from speech and dot.

If winter or rainy cloudy weather impacts you negatively, could you please tell me how exactly it ‘feels?’ Or, could you try to?

My boy is suddenly terribly afraid of trucks, garbage trucks, buses, delivery vans. If the engines are on, he says he’s afraid of the noise. (He’s always been noise sensitive but not like this since 5 years ago.) If they are silently parked, he’s scared they’ll start moving and smash into him. He screams and cries dreadfully if he has to pass one. Some years ago, we asked some men who had a parked municipal truck if we could let him go in and they let him. He was in his element. But now, our attempt to desensitise him by letting him climb into the front don’t get anywhere. He claims to ‘love’ those very vehicles, watches all sorts of Blippi shows about them, but refuses to get in. The fear is overwhelming.

He also is extremely emotionally reactive to everything and anything that he thinks is negative.

And as always, the increased unhappiness coincided with the arrival of winter.

What does winter do to you? Or what do your children who can communicate and feel all wrong say it does to them? I’d love to know from as wide a range of actually autistic people as possible so I can see how to help him.

Thanks in advance!

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