The Little Hand

What I love is how it’s all of us. Not just me, but all of the children including her two year old twin. We all acknowledge her accomplishments. Yesterday her twin clapped and congratulated her for building a high tower with wooden blocks. Yes, her words got no response, not even a glance, but we then praised her twin for praising her, so she did get a response from us.

Everyone got excited that she took the pretzels I’d handed out (One of the things the OT ‘prescribed.’) and pretended to feed her toy dog. It was cute. She even kept saying, “Yum, yum, yum” as she took her juice bottle next .. And then an inedible and non drinkable bead toy but we won’t go there.😊 We just enjoy seeing her in a different’ space’ than she’s usually in.

Two nights ago as we prayed, she suddenly took my hand. And held it. The whole time. My heart melted. My girl only touches herself me if she is directing me to get something that she can’t reach or if it’s mealtime and she wants me to get her bowl for her. That little hand in mine was precious. That little hand said, “I may not look at you when you lovingly say hello, I may not say thank you or I love you or mama, but contrary to what some say about us autistics not being able to love, I do love you. Not showing it as neurotypicals do doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. So, the next time we go a day without neurotypical-style engagement, remember, it’s not about how I act, it’s about how you love me no matter what. Thank you.”

Poor angel is also more sensory. She’s started grinding her teeth every now and then, and sticking her thumb during the day, Such she was only doing at night and nap time. We had to pull a piece off her chew as it was now a choking hazard from her almost having bitten bottom off.

But, we keep pressing on and pulling together, my children and I.❤️

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