When They Go Missing

I won’t say much today. Just thinking back to the pitiful stats about average age of death of non-speaking autistics and even if those who speak and don’t have intellectual disabilities. And linking it to these two photos.

I used to see posts of missing autistic adults. In one of my local Autism groups, tow moms spoke of how their non-speaking children are runners. Of how the community knows where the children belong and know they are runners so are used to them being out alone, having snuck out their homes without their parents knowing.

While it is good that the community looks out for each other as I know here in my own community, what happens when an ‘uncle’ they are used to lures them somewhere from which they will never return? We’ve seen it in the Tazne van Wyk story.😭

I hope and pray that this young one is brought home safe. QUICKLY! His loved ones must be out of their minds with pain and worry. (Harare is not only in Zimbabwe. It’s the name of a poverty stricken township here in Cape Town.)

It can happen to anyone.

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