But I Had Been Thankful!

Raising one eyebrow cos I had a friend who LOVED that I could do it. Can’t we all? Maybe SHE was the unusual ones 🤔

You know how you hear sometimes that God will take something away because you didn’t appreciate it? (Can’t say I’ve ever seen that sentiment in the Bible!) Well, they’re wrong about this case because I certainly had appreciated the lack of sickness floating around my family.

I especially appreciated it from the day I went to the surgeon with breathing problems that currently require me to use my inhaler twice a day or I wake up breathless and wheezing. SCARY! It has not been this bad since I was diagnosed with asthma when I was age eight or so and had to use daily treatment just to prevent an attack. He was already worried about my lungs not opening up fully thanks to how squished things are in there , and that becoming a breeding ground for infection.

Also, my internal sutures aren’t firm yet. Coughing would cause things to come apart. So yes, I have been extremely grateful that there’s no cough floating around

Until suddenly, my teen girl got sick last week. And I thought, “Oh no. We always tend to go down like dominoes. This is a disaster. I already don’t want to be sick anyway, but NOW…Now is definitely not the time.” And like dominoes all six went down during this past week. Do you know how sad it is when all your children are miserable? Do you know how much sadder it is to try medicate from a distance? To give the teaspoon of zinc medication behind a mask and then run away? To make up the garlic, lemon, ginger concoction when they are out for a walk and have to hide as soon as they come in? To NOT nurture when that’s all you want to do?

Do you know how stressful it is to go to hospital in a car in which both children are coughing? And then sit next to a patient who is coughing like he has Covid? What a week it has been!

My fractured arm twin has been coughing the worst, so I made an appointment for her for today. She can’t even eat because she will sit and just cough and cough and cough, no break to breathe and eat. And then we thought, “All six are sick. Who else do we take?” My son always gets badly chesty but he refused. And I knew we still had some of our nebuliser meds so I didn’t push it, though I then told him he has to start using them.

Next potential victim out of the six was then obviously the one who got sick first and is still coughing TERRIBLY. She refused too! I asked why not, and she said she didn’t want them to test her for Covid. I told her they wouldn’t as she didn’t have all the symptoms. (And silently asked God to make sure the doctor didn’t let me down.😝) I told her that my worry was that she’s been down with this ‘cold’ for ages and her chest sounds bad.

They came back home with steroids for both the two year old and her. And nasal spray for the twin. Ha ha ha! How many two year olds do you know who love having their noses sprayed? My other twin refused after one nostril. But this one took it. She didn’t like it. But for the first time ever, she did not refuse when I went to her second nostril.

And my teen? As she said, “So much for this being a common cold like I thought! I have bronchitis! I have to take eight steroid tablets immediately and I’m not a great tablet taker…I’ve never used a nebuliser in my life!” There’s a first time for everything. Good thing she has a very experienced brother to teach her.

I asked her if she was relieved they didn’t need to do a Covid test. She said she didn’t necessarily feel relief during the appointment because as soon as I had said she won’t, she believed me so it was gone from her mind. Scary that she had that much faith in me. I wonder if she’d have believed me if I’d ever lied to her about something.🤔

(Thank you God for not ‘letting me down’ there !)

And me? Im nervous! I sat in a car with them twice this week. And after having double masked during the week, my husband pulled out his N-95 mask that he had been given by his workplace for a trip to Brazil or somewhat that he had never opened up. Faithfully wearing it and will still try stay away. I’ve been washing my hands and sanitizing after fixing the twins’ blankets, touching the kettle… But who knows?

I just pray with all my heart that the domino effect has ended with the six of them this time. Surgery number four for the same thing? Nothing must jeopardise it. 🙏🏾

I really WAS grateful. I really didn’t need to be reminded.😉

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