But They Were Alive!

(Contents are mostly a repeat.)

I have a cousin. She’s my husband’s cousin but she and I took to each other. In fact, I was also very close to his dad’s widow’s daughter-in-law and my heart breaks when I miss her. Stupid lupus stole her from me, her husband and her three precious children. But the other consistent and constant family member has been this cousin.

She sent me this photo that she has stored in OneDrive.❤️ It’s of the day we took the twins home after they were born.

Don’t they look innocent? They weren’t meant to be born at 36 weeks, but hey, they decided they were! Or maybe it was a mutual decision on both our pasts. This photo took me back to another thing I’ve learnt. If I have nothing ‘amazing’ to testify about today, i certainly have much to say about what God did in the past.

I’ve blogged about my getting sick suddenly. How we were at the 35 week appointment and the doctor realised they’d stopped growing. And that I had blown up. I was swollen. (He always did a check. Way more than the midwife and the obstetrician did for my other two.) He took my blood pressure and that was it.

“You need to get to hospital. I’ll phone ahead. Do you want to go now and Vusi will pack,” (My husband was there) “or will you go home and pack first? But you MUST be there by 1pm.”

Anyway! My point was. These children… I kept blowing up. They weighed me every few hours and I’d retained even more water. It was creepy. The twins seemed ok and the doctor wanted them to stay in as long as possible so we waited in hospital.

I had wanted a natural birth, so he was also hoping Twin A would change how she was lying. She was lying transverse-straight across, after having been head down for all the other appointments no less! It was not to be. I went into labour, the twins seemed distressed. There was NO way we would prevent it!

But, we’d made it to 36 weeks! And I’d had some days for the injection for their lungs to have made it into my system. So, quickly, everything had to be planned. Shame, feel bad for the patients whose appointments were suddenly bumped because of my emergency!

And finally, out they came. He told me, “It’s a good thing we got them out now. Their placentas had died. They weren’t getting food. So that’s why they’d stopped growing. And as for my autistic angel Twin A, she had been in distress, there was meconium. (Baby poop which only happens if they are in danger.)

But they were fine! At 36 weeks, they weighed a respectable 2.99 kg and 2.69kg. No lung problems. Twin A had not swallowed any meconium.

But from the start, we knew. In fact, it started in the womb. I told friend, husband, that Twin S felt like she never slept. She was CONSTANTLY moving, and before birth, it hurt a lot, even though my ribs even permanently spread out to accommodate them.

After birth, we knew… We even worried that later on, we’d discover there was something ‘wrong’ with her. She didn’t sleep well at all. And boy did we know it, because they BOTH slept on us. We even got a second recliner so that we wouldn’t smother them by lying with them in our arms in the bed. At least in a recliner we’d be upright and they’d be cradled between us and the arms of the chair.

Twin A felt like she had abdominal spasms or something. Yes, they both had reflux so bad that that they were both medicated for it, but she was just different. And it lasted all four months till we decided it was time to sleep train them. She also wriggled around a lot. She’d crawl up our chest like a caterpillar, or wriggle down and around our laps. She also cried a lot and longer than her twin. It was TERRIBLE. I was seasoned enough not to panic, but when I took her to the paediatrician for her eczema, I did ask for a full check just in case. We even asked my husband’s sister to send medicine from overseas for colic. Which we’d done for all our bio kids who were all good criers and bad sleepers!

But Twin A was the hardest. How grateful I am that she came when I had help. My teens helped me hold her as she screamed, hiding with her in the bathroom as far away as possible from her sleeping twin. Rocking and singing… Sometimes even taking her all the way out to the garage to go scream there.

I googled it this morning. Some researchers found longer and worse crying amongst infants that later turned out to be autistic. But as I’ve posted before, if anyone had to have all the risk factors, it was her. She had almost all. Or rather, everything I googled that was different between her birth and my others, researchers had found a link for.

But my post isn’t about that. It’s about how through it all, I was so relieved and thankful that she was ALIVE! That they were both ALIVE. Yes, they were tiring. Yes, I could understand the couples (and the pharmacist) who said twins were so hard that they never had any more children.

But they were alive!!!

Maybe all the moving she did was a precursor to what I’d catch on video today, what we see daily… One of the first signs that told me I had yet another autistic angel in my home and heart.❤️

This is joy.

This is a baby that lived❤️

And my angel who doesn’t need it, but loves to practice signing with her sister.

Imagine what I’d miss out on if the outcome had been disastrous.

Thankful for where we have been in the past, and where we are yet to go. May it be short on sadness and filled to the brim with bashful babies and (safely) running feet.

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