My Friends Trust Me

They never think I’m paranoid! That means so much to me!😭❤️

Today I took Oreneile, the real Twin A (I realised I’ve been mislabeling them!) to the Emergency Centre.

Her arm had gotten hurt yesterday after falling off her bed, and two hours after waiting in the Trauma unit, she was happily playing and using it. Swelling had gone down, so we left- thought I pressed the nurse to make sure we weren’t being B irresponsible for going.

She agreed she was looking ok, and we left.

But I texted my friends the message below… I wasn’t sure.

In the morning when she cried when moving her arm, I took her to Emergency Centre again. This time to s network hospital further away. Just in case they would need to do more than just examine her.

Again, after a two hour wait, the doctor (at least) came in, touched her arm, squeezed, moved it, made her raise each arm and my girl was smiling all along as she copied his movements.

Doctor told me, “She’s fine.”

I still insisted I wanted an X-ray.

He looked unimpressed.

Long story short, after a long day going up and down because the radiographer had said I could leave snd they’d phoned and sent an email saying to go back…

My baby’s elbow had indeed suffered a fracture!

The same doctor who had told me my angel was fine looked for me everywhere. In the cafeteria, outside, even on CCTV to try track me! When I called back, he even told me he’d tell reception to tell him as soon as I got back and for them to send us straight for treatment.

He did the soft bandages and layers and hard cast at the bottom of the arm plus a sling.

To think I felt like a drama queen when I sent messages today saying I was going back to the hospital. (Not on my own. I’m not allowed to lift yet. Yesterday I went with Bk and today with Eliora.)

I even felt like I was wasting money when I texted my husband that I asked for an x ray even though the doctor said she was ok.

None of my friends told me I was killing my self not resting. (They always yell at me for not resting especially post-op. )

They supported me.

History plus mother’s instinct!

Formidable when put together for their child’s sake.

(Motherhood HURTS!

My poor baby.)

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