My Bad Genes

(For my international reader. My husband studied in Zimbabwe so did O levels – the level the teens are currently on-and then A levels.

I studied here in South Africa. When it came to Physics and Maths, there were three options. Higher grade (the more difficult one)

Standard Grade- the easier one

Or no Maths at all. This was for those who were basically failing a lot (based on my school and best friend’s experience.)

In our day, this was decided during what is now known as Grade 10 and was based on our performance.)

Me to husband: Ella will get a B for Paper 1 Maths, and looks like a D on Paper 2 if I don’t get her a tutor. (She’s never been a Maths brain.)

BK…he will get C on his certificate for both.

Him: But I thought he was getting all A’s for the exam papers you’re doing!! How is he suddenly going to get a C on his certificate?

Me: Yes, but he’s doing Core Maths, not Extended…
Even if he gets 100% for the actual exam papers, because it’s the EASIER Maths, he can only get a C as the highest grade on his Cambridge certificate.

And (To break his little Maths boff heart even more, I added)

They’ve both decided they’re not touching Maths for A levels or AS levels. This is their final year. They’re DONE!

(Now… Their dad got an A for his O level Maths and continued onto A levels… He has TRIED to help them, but instead the poor kids understand even less afterwards than when I and videos try…)

So he looks at me and jokingly asks, “What’s wrong with them? How can they be DONE!??”

Me: It’s ma Standard Grade genes!!!


But be happy! At least they’re doing the DIFFICULT Physics and are doing great on it!

I did standard grade Physics instead of higher grade, on top of my standard grade Maths!

They’re actually doing GOOD!

His A grade in A Level response to us being perfectly satisfied: You’re all crazy!


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