Stand Your Ground

Today as I thought of the other day’s debacle, I looked back at the argument with the doctor. How sure he was that Oreneile was ok. How certain he was that I was wasting everybody’s time. So certain that, as if uttering a threat, he told me as he walked out, “You do realise that an accumulation of x-rays can cause cancer, right?” As if I was trying to kill my daughter.

It was a low blow.

But you see, I’ve heard that from childhood too. I’d say 42 years and cancer-free is ok despite all the x-rays I’ve had. I think I average one every three years. The RISK of cancer doesn’t scare me when the REALITY of suffering and pain is standing right in front of me.

And, that’s the rub. It WAs reality. We’d have left her to suffer and to get worse and worse over time! How many parents has this happened to? Makes me wonder now! The very day another doctor made a bad call on ME-he claimed I did NOT have a dermoid teratoma in my uterus and that there was nothing causing me pain, Meanwhile we all know how THAT ended up. Thing so big it even adhered to my bowel. He had given me a lecture too. Told me that I was imagining the pain and that his job in ER was to save people, not deal with hysterical women who insist there’s something wrong when there isn’t.

Anyway, that same morning as I waited to be seen, a mother brought her daughter in who was complaining of pain and weakness upon standing. She was probably 10 years old and when they forced her to stand, she cried. The doctors and nurses treated them badly as soon as they heard that they’d already been to one hospital and been told there was nothing wrong with the child.

See, my “lifesaver”’doctor had looked at my ultrasound and told me there was absolutely nothing in my womb. Yet I knew I was awaiting surgery to remove it! And suddenly I was feeling pain where it was when I’d never felt pain before. We know the outcome…I mean come on, it had grown so big they’d had to cut it up first before pulling it out! As I think back to that poor child NOW, a child I saw before I knew how I’d be treated, a child who had been sent home probably as a malingerer, and as I think back to how I was also expected to leave yesterday, it worries me.

I hope with all my heart that if there was something wrong with her and she wasn’t, “Just trying to get out of going to school,” as the nurses claimed, that she got the treatment she needed.

I wonder…

How many children and adults have died after having been turned away from hospital?

How many have suffered permanent pain and suffering or damage because they were treated like time-wasters?

I don’t want to know.

All I will focus on today is on how my record is still 100% correct when it comes to my children. And how grateful I am that though doctors HAVE turned me away, I kept knocking at medical doors.

That’s my take away for new moms and especially my African moms who tend to believe and respect people with titles almost to a fault.

Stand your ground. No retreat. You know you won’t be at peace if you don’t believe they have it right. So force them to prove it. And if they refuse, go to another hospital. Find a sympathetic doctor.

As my friend stated, it would have been NICER to be proven wrong. Nobody wants their two year old in a cast, not understanding. Nobody wants to count down the very slow days and weeks till healing has occurred and that poor child can start using their limb again. But it’s worth starting the healing process sooner rather than later.


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