The Samson Promise

Sometimes our prayers seem not to be heard. We wait and wait and find that there’s no response. It’s as if God is quiet. Unmoved. Not hearing. So you tell yourself that the answer is a no.

The gospels tell us of the importunate widow who didn’t take no for an answer. A lesson for us to never give up till we are certain… And it’s a lesson that can be extremely drawn out and painful. I was recently contacted by a woman who found posts of mine from 2017-2019 regarding infertility. You’ve got to be desperate to be trying to get support from someone who’s not even in the group you are in. She’s suffered so much loss and needs the mother of all fertility treatments- IVF- because some of the losses were ectopic pregnancies in both tubes so has no tubes anymore. Talk about needing to pray and hope for years.

Which brings us to the Israelites. Suffering and afflicted by the Philistines. In bondage, no hope. Praying for deliverance. And we hear of an infertile woman who gets told that she will fall pregnant and her son will be dedicated to God.

While the Israelites suffered, God was executing His plan to rescue them. A very long wait lay ahead though, for there were still the months of pregnancy, and the decades to wait for him to reach maturity and start avenging the nation of the Philistine burden.

Decades… Waiting. Hoping. Not knowing that the pleas had been heard, not to lose hope… How many died, thinking their children would be the sport of that enemy nation till their death too?

Sometimes the answer really is no. And sometimes it’s, “Just wait a little bit longer. I know it’s not easy. But in my time, I, the creator of time and space, will make it all make sense. Things will come right… Just wait.”

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