Do You Want a Glimpse?

I think it was 2017 when I came across a post in a homeschool group about two families that were going to be going around the country interviewing homeschool families. They mentioned some of the stops that they’d be making but nothing jumped out at me to make me follow their page.

A while after this, when my poor children were unwell, I saw a post saying they’d be in Somerset West (I think it would be the very next day) and would love to meet and possibly include families from the Western Cape who homeschool. Now, here’s the thing. There are politicians who believe that all homeschool families are White Afrikaners and racist and want to remove their children from schools. After all, this IS Africa and especially in the other provinces, Africans make up a huge majority of the country and *gasp* some Africans are present even in the ‘good schools,’ as we call them. Yes, obviously some are indeed racist. And some do do a lot of complaining about the current government, forgetting that for most of us, this is miles better than the separation, oppression, forced removals and township life, and hatred and fear and death that permeated the very fabric of our lives.

But others are just like me. We just want to be the ones who raise our children, who spend significant time with them. So, I decided to ask them if I could attend on my own as my children weren’t well. I wanted the naysayers (Who probably won’t watch it but hey🤷🏽‍♀️) to know that there ARE Black people who have chosen home education. That was my sole motive. To add my colour to the few others of my colour who might appear in the documentary.

They said yes.

It came out on Vimeo a few months ago. It’s about R260 to buy. $15. It’s simply called ‘Home Ed Documentary’ – based here in South Africa. I enjoyed seeing the different types of families we have. I was intrigued by the adoptive family and our similar lives… You might catch a glimpse of me when I only had four children.😉

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