Happy Tears

Love how she’s chosen to relax❤️

Our girl never responds when we greet her. Ever. She has never said hello or bye..

Till this morning.

As I came in from taking a walk, she was with her siblings about to leave, standing by at the door. Her unfinished Sabbath treat in her bowl on their table.

She saw me and said, “Hi mommy! Hi mommy!”

I literally couldn’t believe my ears! Now I’m crying even more when I think of the post I wrote recently about her having said, “Hello, mommy,” only to awake and realise with heartache that it was just a dream! I couldn’t believe my ears! As I knelt down to make myself her height, and give her a hug, I asked my other children if I’d heard right. What if I was celebrating and it was all in my head?

She not only said it, she took my hand, led me to her chair and sat down. She babbled something none of us understood while playing with my hands. Just putting her hands over mine, smiling at me, enfolding my hand in hers… It was precious! What a Sabbath blessing!

My two and eight month old greeted me for the first time ever!

My heart is full!

Granted, she doesn’t use words consistently. It’s been months since she said mommy. And she hasn’t said her other random words she uses when NOT watching her baby videos, so I won’t expect it tomorrow, later today or next week. I’ll just keep talking and signing and loving. And will cry happy tears the next time she surprises us😊

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