Copied from my private Facebook post

Anyone have any ideas?

Anyone have any friends in the LSEN space?

Anyone know any active groups for overwhelmed homeschool mothers of children with special educational needs?

I took my Ammy and Mickey to an educational psychologist last year because of trouble I was having teaching them.

I felt there was MORE to it than pure ADHD, but the psychologist was super sure that (especially for Ammy. We already knew M has global developmental delay) she’d be fine once medicated. “Don’t worry about her! She’s FINE! She’ll be able to have any career she wants.”

She’s NOT fine though. An OT later scoffed at me when I told her I suspected visual processing disorder as we’d had her eyes tested by a developmental optometrist, till she happened to do a test that touched on it and realised I was right, and then assessed it for real (for free) and found..I was right.

That’s just to set background into how HARD it is for professionals to HEAR ME!

What kind of parent wants their child to be diagnosed with a diagnosis they don’t NEED!? I am with them 24/7, I live their struggle… I don’t WANT to.

Anyway, NUMBERS!!

My girl is turning eight in December and we’ve been counting for years.

She jumps from 20 to 99.

Or if I slowly coach her to 29, she jumps to 90.

Numbers are not sticking. And this is verbal. Visually, we are struggling there too, obviously.

Anyone know if there’s a label for this numeracy issue? Should I find a different psychologist to assess her?

Is it brain damage suffered in utero? And there’s no label, just a life of constant struggle? (Thankful to have her prenatal history from her birth mom.)

Reading is hard as she misses out the last part of words with prefixes . Like she’ll say jump instead of jumping. I’ll blame visual processing. But it limits ‘school’ time because I don’t want to reinforce her struggles, I don’t want her to feel like learning is about being corrected all the time.

And she WANTS to “do school.”

I’m going to order short word wholesome books for her to read (We follow Phil 4:8 which limits the kinds of books she can read from) from the States. And continue with downloading and printing visual processing worksheets and following the home programme set up by the OT.

But in the meantime, what is this NUMBERS PROBLEM!?😭 Is it also a MEMORY issue combo? Nobody with pure ADHD talks about it so… I don’t know!!

I need a name so I can find the next step. Just like I know the next step for the visual stuff…


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