I was brave!

Man, those simulations of the autistic sensory experience that adult autistics have created have messed me up! I’m now super sensitive and aware of what’s out there. I always knew he was sensitive to or fearful of sound, touch, new places, but when you immerse yourself in their world and what it FEELS like, it’s different.

It breaks your heart.

Cue my intro into our first foray into the world as mom and son after having watched those videos. Thankfully, it was only to the dentist for a cleaning. But he didn’t want to go because his 7 year old sister told him that the flossing the dentist does is sore.

They didn’t floss him. Whew!

He spoke a LOT. And he made them laugh. Even when he was blatantly lying (they didn’t know it) or forgetful. Like when the dentist was going to take an x-ray and told him he’d see his skeleton. He asked, “Do skeletons come out at night? Are they scary?”

Then he told them, “I know about skeletons. Mom told me about them.”

Which is it? Scary things you’ve never seen which means they come out at night when you’re asleep? Or is it the pictures I’ve shown you of people’s skeletons?

He mentioned to the dentist as soon as he walked in, that he thought he’d be seeing a man. Ahhh, I was half embarrassed! All the dentists his siblings see are female, and so is my endodontist. But hey, he thought he’d be seeing a man. So we all apologised to him.😉 He asked the dentist, then the hygienist how old they are. Ahh, to be a child again!

There was a time when he had to keep the fluoride gel in his mouth for three minutes that cracked me up. About 30 seconds in, he put up one finger to signal that there was only one minute left. After one minute, he put up a zero! Had to break it to him that he still has two whole minutes to go. 😅

Then trucks went by. And his eyes went WIDE and he exclaimed with large eyes as he looked at them. He was trying to say, “Whoa!” It felt like an assault, now that I know a bit more of what sound feels like to someone who’s got auditory sensitivity like he has!

When they asked him if he’d go back every year for a cleaning, his response was. “Ummm…I don’t know… Maybe when I’m 41… Actually, when I’m 66!”

While we all laughed, he brought it down.

He will go back for a cleaning when he’s 11 years old. He’s six now. Though he told them he’s turning seven next year. (No! This year in September!🙂)

And after asking me to hold his hand as we left, he told me, “I’m going to get home and tell them I was brave.”

Yes, he was!

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