My Heart

Twin B, Oreratile, Ratie..Rio… My youngest autistic. She’s slowed down on the singing. She makes more unusual noises instead. And she is generally so happy. Except when she’s not. He he. She will still pull you by the hand when she wants something, taking you to the cupboard where the object is and you must guess what it is that she’s after. She’s been obsessed with her big brother. Nobody else. If she’s screaming and crying and he’s carrying her, if I try take her, she goes right back to him- still screaming and crying.

Well, she did for two years. Now she’s also into her sister, Amarissa. She goes to her and takes her hand too. She follows her and I’m PRETTY sure I heard her say, Ammy” the other day. Just that her enunciation isn’t very precise so I can’t say. But yes, she now has chosen a second ‘friend,’ Which leads to interesting crying when BOTH twins want to play with her doing different things! The other day I was about to go do some reading with Ammy when Ratie motioned to her and wanted to get onto the trampoline with her.

We did our reading much later, during her nap time.

Today, she sang a song. A song that she doesn’t usually sing. There was no trigger that we could see, and she didn’t get angry when I joined in. Instead she made this little, “I’m bashful” downward movement of her head and came to where I was kneeling and hid her face on my shoulder where I promptly stole a hug. We all said, “Well done! You sang the song!”

And for the first time without us saying it, she shouted, “Yeah!! Yay!” I know it seems like nothing, but to us, it’s everything. She praised herself. She gets it. And she was proud!

I don’t know the future for my angel. I don’t even know who’s going to operate on my elbow, but I know that somehow, everything will be alright.

I am filled with so much love for all my children that it makes my heart burst. I hope I live to a very old age and get to see them all thriving.

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