As previously stated, I had deleted some posts, and then kept others as drafts… I’m not sure how they will appear as time passes and I re-post them, I suppose I could view my blog…

Alright, that answers that question. It’s all higgledy-piggledy now. The order is different. And it’s posting as if all were written today. So, what I will do is post a few and then just start afresh. Sorry for that. Hopefully the brand new reader who joined only this week will get a sense of who I am as I go alomg. If you want a password to my private posts, leave a comment. Sorry for the multiple notifications those who are signed up will have received as I removed the old posts from drafts.

I had wanted to share my heartache and also my little happy moment regarding my youngest autistic child. I think you can find out more about who I am in the ‘About Me’ section. But long story short, I started THIS blog because my husband told me to. I don’t know why because he doesn’t read, but he seems to think I have something to share, so back I am. I used to be on blogger and began by sharing what it’s like following American natural hair bloggers while living in South Africa, and then in Tanzania where we did mission work for a short time.

I have six children. The seventh is one we will never afford but had wanted to bring into our family. While in the process of adopting for the second time, an older foster child commented that she understood that hectic medical challenges like hers are scary (She needed 24/7 oxygen and was in a wheelchair) but that we potential adoptive parents should not give up on older, and unwell children like her, as she too longed for a family.

While pregnant with the twins, I told my husband how though it was now six years after this plea, it still haunted me. I wanted to be the answer to an older child’s prayer.

Unfortunately, support services for children like mine are too expensive. We can’t afford a seventh child. For the sake of the newcomers, we are currently assessing out eldest for what used to be called Asperger, we have one son age seven who we adopted at four months old and who I realized was autistic when he was six months old (Formally diagnosed at age three) and a soon to be eight year old adopted daughter with a known and very complicated prenatal history who has ADHD and other issues that complicate her life. Our seven year old son also has ADHD and other challenges too besides one psychologist also thinking we have FASD to attach to his impressive list of acronyms. Our three year old is the biggest star of this blog mainly because she is the youngest and you know how the baby of the famiky always gets the,ost attention… no, that’s not why. She gets a lot of posts dedicated to her because she is further removed from what a home school mother expects when giving birth and planning on educating her children. The whole “cuddles and talking and hugs and too many questions being asked” thing we expect as they grow.

Her twin is a talkative and affectionate three year old. She is an energetic sensory seeker (Loves ice Lillie, crunchy foods, running and bashing into the sofa) who wants to eat way more often than her body needs. And she does not speak in order to communicate a need or feeling. She uses body language. While her twin raises my sleeve, looks at y post op dressing on my arm and says, “Mommy fell down. Mommy has an owie… I’m sorry, Mommy,” my autistic three year old has never spoken a sentence nor a phrase with Mommy in it. That’s when we started realizing she had stopped things she had been doing. Eye contact, calling me and her dad, saying good night, counting, laughing…All that stopped at around 18 months and by 24 months I’d booked an appointment to confirm what we knew. Another child who is autistic and has a delay. But also not speaking, unlike,y now seven year old who does speak.

And that, is where we will begin. Hair. Tomorrow. That’s the heartache I wanted to share.


Hint. She is NOT a fan of her hair being touched. I saw a post by a mom on some American community page offering to pay anyone willing, $100 to cut her autistic son’s hair despite his crying while it’s being done.

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