Friday Bone Time

So, Thursday was one of the lowest of my lows. All I had done was fry veggie sausages for the family (minus me as they contain gluten) and gone to the pharmacy. That’s all.

But by the time got to my bedroom after the pharmacy, I was in so much pain that I was crying. I’d even avoided working out that morning because coming takes me over the edge. But still… The standing at the pharmacy got me big time., and I mopped before going to the bedroom.

The original plan we’d made was for me to see a pain specialist next year as we are changing our medical aid plan to a better one and my current one has no more money except for admission costs. But I couldn’t take it anymore. When I can seriously consider CeeBeeDee (wrote it like that in case it gets flagged for whatever reason) oil then you know things are bad.

They had a slot available the next morning.

I took it.

Long story short, it sounds like facet joint syndrome, which would severely limit my activities but a radioactive bone scan will show us. Ok, it’s not radioactive but they’ll inject me with radioactive solution. It’s going to be the injection, a 20 minute scan, 2-3 hour wait, then 60-90 minute scan. I am dreading it. My back will be screaming and I’ll be dead bored lying there for that long. Here’s hoping I don’t end up needing to pee! (You need to drink lots during that 2-3 hour wait to help spread the radioactive solution around and my bladder is already weak.)

Also, she said I’m doing too much given my body’s issues. I should have a nanny and a cleaner. If money grew on trees and there were awesome workers available..

With my and dad’s history of arthritis, it’s also a concern. So I’ll be scanned from head to toe. I don’t know when I’ll see her afterwards.

I don’t know. I’m scared it won’t show anything. That’s a lot of money we will be paying! At the same time, if my facet joints are wearing away, there are restrictions to how much and how to exercise, or how long to sit. It will change my life negatively if that’s the problem.

But,, my life if already negatively impacted, so I’ll roll with the punches.

Bring on Friday, November 25! (As I lie here wondering if my middle back pain is linked to my IBS.)

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