About me

I’m just a mom living in a quiet area of South Africa. I happen to be Black, fiercely old-school Adventist, and homeschooling six children- two of whom are adopted, three of whom have special needs, two of whom are a set of twins, and one of whom will have surgery in three years’ time and currently wears orthotics.

I live with chronic pain, chronic health issues, and a healthy dose of faith to pull me through the, “How in the world did we end up with such an interesting mix of children and how did I think I’d survive them all!?” moments. Join me as I type about anything and everything that takes my fancy-the God moments, the sad moments, the race moments..and anything my fingers think they want to share.

I will password-protect some posts for the sake of my children’s privacy, and mine too with regards to other personal issues. Send an email to thandiwen@gmail.com if you want access, and if you are a well-wisher, or someone who also wants to know how to survive this crazy life, or give solutions! Someone curious but benign, I’ll send you the password. There are just too many messed up people out there, which is why I found this new corner to blog in. I’ve been blogging since 2008 on various platforms. This is the safest/most private way I can include good-hearted people in my life. If I don’t know you, I WILL ask you to prove your identity.