Fired my doctor!

I don’t want to name names because the medical field is small and I don’t want to scare away competent doctors. But I also want to share how happy I feel after firing my doctor! In the last post, I think I mentioned how frustrated I’ve been with the lack of proper and full advice … Continue reading Fired my doctor!

Yes! Ooh, Mama!

Ok, firstly, my elbow is weird because the dressing is apparently making it weird. Will find out how things are truly progressing when I go for my official post op appointment next week. Secondly, I have the of the worst surgeons I have ever had when it comes to post surgical advice. My hand one … Continue reading Yes! Ooh, Mama!

The Little Boy

Thankfully, winter means I wake up before the younger children. So I have time to relax my mind… But yesterday morning my mind was anything BUT relaxed. In fact, I’d even told someone that I didn’t feel like blogging because everything just feels so heavy, and who wants to write when all people will find … Continue reading The Little Boy


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